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Our platform helps first-year university students connect in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Connect with 1500+ students from UWaterloo, UofT, McMaster, Western, Queen's and UOttawa (we are coming to your school soon!)

We believe in the power of friendship. Our goal is to connect like-minded first-year students.

In light of the COVID-19 Pandemic, it is now increasingly difficult for first-year students to interact with others, as most university experiences will be taking place online. With Wave, this is no longer a problem.

Unique and Inclusive Matching Algorithm

We connect two users based on many factors: university, program, interests, and more! More importantly, we do not factor in age, appearance, gender or race. We believe everyone deserves a friend!

University Students Only

Your privacy and safety matters. We authenticate each user to ensure they belong to a valid university.

One on One Text and Video

We integrated text and video chat so that you can have the best friend-making experience possible!

Inspiration and Purpose

As a team of incoming first-year university students, we understand the challenges faced with making new friends during times like these.

With the pandemic situation, most students will be studying online in the fall. This poses a major problem: meeting new people. Things like going to orientation and creating new friend groups are now impossible. Wave effectively solves these problems!

  • Creates a safe and private space for users to interact
  • Break the shyness barrier by automatically matching two people who have much in common
  • Has a text-only option to ease users into the conversations
  • Video chat integration to further cultivate friendships
  • Ability to share personal social media to grow the friendships after the initial meet on Wave
  • Supported on desktop versions of Chrome, Firefox, Edge

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How it Works

How Does Wave Work?

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Check out the video below to see how Wave works!


Our Team of Six

Adam Lam

Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer

Matthew Jiao

Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer

Nicholas Tao

Co-Founder and CEO

Rishabh Sambare

Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer

Tristan Lam

Co-Founder and Full Stack Developer

Aditya Naithani

Graphic Designer